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5 stars

Day 367 of the pandemic. Rubina trudged with her little suitcase inside a posh locality and looked around. Bangalore was never this hot but lately the heat had become unbearable. It started making Bangalore look like a different city, uncannily similar to a lot of metropolis and yet the city still had that self-effacing humility… Continue reading 5 stars

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Calm before the storm

It was a calm Monday evening and I saw an empty bus. My organisation informed us to work from home from the next day. It had been a while since I travelled by bus and I got inside when I saw that most of the seats were empty. I don’t know why I felt it was more hygienic to travel in a non-ac bus than a cab. I felt that I was living in some sort of a strange land for quite sometime where people jumped at the sound of a sneeze. Frankly I was tired of being afraid and wanted to be a bit normal.