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Dear Konnagar,

It was my summer vacation and every summer vacation it was a routine to visit Kolkata. I was grumbling because this trip was the last thing that I wanted. I had to do this trip since it was an obligation.  I was watching TV in my uncle’s house.  My parents had gone out with my aunt… Continue reading Dear Konnagar,

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Dear Prague,

It has been a long time since I believed in fairy tales and I had given up on it. And out of all the places that I have wanted to visit, Prague was never on my list. I just picked you because from Berlin to Vienna, I thought it would be a pretty good place… Continue reading Dear Prague,

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Dear Kodai,

There was a lifelong search to belong to a particular group. When I was in high school I always wanted to belong somewhere. I was obstinate to my own views and was narcissist in so many ways. I wanted to live alone and then again wanted to have everyone around me. The thirst for belonging… Continue reading Dear Kodai,

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Dear 8:27 Local,

I have been travelling in your lap for quite some time. I look at the city through your eyes. The debauched perspective of this city has rather changed over the past six months. They say 'Your eyes are windows to your soul'. Well, I think the windows are the eyes of Mumbai's soul. The daily… Continue reading Dear 8:27 Local,