Letters · Travel

Dear soft drizzles of rain

Travel though the rain
Thousand Tears

The invisibility cloak wrapped around me

The trees looked grey

The sky was black

As I touched the wet air, I walked through people

My Heart woke up from death with memories of you

We had once sat on the hills of Mamma

Looked though tiny particles of universe surrounding us

We breathed through each other’s bodies

Your face on mine

Your hand on mine

My kaajal marked your fingers

My heart on your chest

I am wearing this cloak and I sit everyday dead

On a train, waiting to take me God

Somehow I reach hell and come back to Earth

Today with these white sheets above me

My heart feels red

One day this train will lead me to God

And you will know

How dead I have lived without you

You must be enjoying teasing my heart

To leave me like this

To leave me dead with a living soul

Let this drop melt my skin

Evaporate myself into mist

And let me become a distant myth

Of Love and wait and longing

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