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Dear Prague,

The beautiful Castle
The Guinness Book of Records lists Prague Castle as the largest ancient castle in the world.
A sweet you would want to remember
TRDLO: Slovak/Czech Sweet Pastry

It has been a long time since I believed in fairy tales and I had given up on it. And out of all the places that I have wanted to visit, Prague was never on my list. I just picked you because from Berlin to Vienna, I thought it would be a pretty good place to live. Looking back, I think you were one of my fabulous places that I have ever visited.
Fairy tales do come true sometimes. When we were young, we believed in fables and talking animals. We had imagination which was led with rationale. We thought Santa Claus existed. Now, we know he does not because he does not send us any present and we know the source of the myth. But then is there a reason why actually we should stop believing on him and start believing in Krishna and Brahma? Can’t we treat them as fables too and take them lightly? I was thinking all this while on the Charles Bridge looking down at the river. I think it one of the loveliest bridges when you have saints glancing over you. You can stand for hours on the bridge and think about matters which have no relevance or importance to your life.
I walked on and reached the castle. I was awestruck. Not by the decor or the architecture but by something known as ‘magic’,by the aura that was there. As I walked inside, I met a few humble people who offered me to have something called ‘Toddler’. It was fresh bread baked with cinnamon and sugar flakes. I sat down with these people and they told me “Our country might not have produced the greatest poets or singers but we have a good sense of humor. We can laugh at ourselves”. I think that was very humble of you my friend. Simple bread for the hungry stomach and few jokes about yourself speaks volumes of your bequest. As I walked around with the unknown people, I reached the cathedral. It was more like a shrine for me. The warmth of the place reminded me of my childhood. Back when we were children, we believed in fairies, elves and gremlins. There was a very little place for God. 

It was evening and I went to the town hall. The place looked like a beautiful fair. Everyone sitting down on the roads was talking, drinking, laughing. I sat down with a friend whom I had met that day back in the hostel. There were few Chinese women sitting. A bunch of boys with thick British accent were passing by, drinking beer. They stopped by the women and asked them – Why are you here? Why are you travelling? Obviously they were drunk. The women giggled and one of them answered, “To live and then sleep well!”. One of the boys bowed and kissed the woman’s hand and then continued walking.
So that’s Prague for me- a beautiful castle, fairies, elves and no God. Just a belief remains, a belief that life is alright. Life is not beautiful or wonderful. It is reasonable

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