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Dear Carter Road,

Carter Road There are many times I have been at the brinks of your shore. Most of the times, I would be having coffee or would be chilling out with my friends. It was two days ago when I sat on the chair with my best friend and we looked at the sea. While looking… Continue reading Dear Carter Road,

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Dear Airport,

There are people who love airports and there are people who don't. I belong among the people who love airports. Considering that I travel every month to visit my fiancé, my relationship with airports have given me an erudition of people travelling through boundaries of time. Everyone fascinates me: From irritated business women who are… Continue reading Dear Airport,

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Dear Jama Masjid,

I visited you a while ago when I first started earning in a social marketing agency. I had collected my savings worth of six months and decided to take some time off and visit Delhi. It was my first trip with my own money and the mere fifteen thousand rupees per month seemed to be… Continue reading Dear Jama Masjid,

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Dear Dholavira,

 My father used to tell me that he works in one of the most deserted part of India; where he sometimes used to wonder how life can survive when nature itself can be so tyrant. One day he called me excitedly and asked me to come to Kutch. I have never heard him sound so… Continue reading Dear Dholavira,