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Dear Bhuj,

On 26th January we were marching in front of our principal when the ground shook and we stood still. We knew that there was an earthquake but not in our city. Somewhere else in this country the earth must have fallen. My father got transferred to Bhuj to take care of the redevelopment. Exactly two… Continue reading Dear Bhuj,

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Dear Bikes,

There are times when we feel insane. Feel the verb and adjectives pasted on us and translate them to who we are. What makes our intransigence direct us to the right decision? I first rode you when I was little girl.  My father had got his friends bike and took me for a ride. It… Continue reading Dear Bikes,

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Dear Badrinath,

I was lying down on my back and my window curtains were open. It was one of the rare moments when I could see the sky and I could look at the moon. I could see the city lights even around 3am in the morning. I wondered when was the last time I saw the moon so… Continue reading Dear Badrinath,

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Dear Bryan Adams,

I was browsing though few of my old music files and I found your track - Everything I do, I do it for you. I started reading up on the internet - Syria issue, Rupee falling down, Rape incidents etc. There were few good news too about a woman inventor who made diesel with plastic.… Continue reading Dear Bryan Adams,