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Thailand Letters: The window in front

The sun setting in the east
The sun setting in the east

There are only few times in life when you have an opportunity to see sand, sea and sun at the same time. When you do see these three elements all together in crimson light, you are somehow not left in awe. You go ‘wow’ or ‘great’ but you are not left breathless. It is only after a week you really wonder that you actually saw something that is hard to imagine.

When I was Rialey’s bay, Thailand  I was like, ‘Well, it is a beautiful beach.’ It did not once occur to me that I was living inside someone’s imagination. As the sun sets in front of my window I realize nature is the best imagination ever created. I have no clue who created it but whoever made it did a bloody good job at it.

Cave Temple
Cave Temple

I was jaunty one day and I ran out to the sea. I did not realize that there was a Buddhist temple in a nearby cave. Being an Indian I am not used to seeing Buddhist temples or monasteries on a beach. After a good swim, I wore my sarong and noticed the temple. There was structure which more resembled a shivaling. There were no monks, no structures but they were few people kneeling. I was amazed that a human being who was born in my land found the shores of Thailand. I wondered if I died would I have any legacy which will cross borders.

Raileys’ bay may not be a party hub nor is a place with a lot of night clubs. But it has a spectacular view with a hidden lagoon inside the cliff. It is a precious little place hidden in Krabi. When you find it, you wouldn’t want to let it go.

I wandered across the shores of the beach and saw that I could hire a kayak. I said, “Why not?” So I hired the Kayak with my buddy. We realized it is going to be sunset soon and the cerise sky still did not leave me in wonder. We were laughing and panting and just wanted to go back to the shores so that we could have a couple of beer.

We finally arrived on the shores and got few beers. The sky was sparkling with stars and all I could think is ‘Gosh I hope I get a job when I go back.’

I am back and I am sitting by the window and looking at the sky and the sun is setting down. There is no crystal clear water. The temple beside my house is unclean and shabby and I am sitting in my house and I am in awe. I am in  awe of the time that had passed by, the life which was granted to me for few days and the imagination that I borrowed back in Railey’s bay.



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