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I enter my office and while I cut across multiple cubicles, I glance though everyone’s computer screen. All my colleagues have some news portal open on their screen. My boss calls me and we discuss the agenda for today. When we come to Friday, we realize that there are no client meetings. He tells me, ‘Let’s wrap up early on Friday’.

Today the entire nation will know what the future beholds. Everyone is awaiting for a new country. The world is looking at us. After all we are the biggest democracy in the World. We are all going on with our daily lives with repressed agony and we day-dream every day that life will soon change one day.

I remember I was just nineteen when I cast my first vote.  My best friend and I had together gone to cast vote and we are excited to be a part of something so gigantic in proportion. India to me was very different that time. In Mumbai were used to serial blasts in Mumbai but were not used to be taken over by terrorists. People still despised Modi for the communal riots in 2002. He was at that time still not fit to be a national leader. Congress seemed more progressive and Sonia Gandhi’s illusive personality convinced us that Congress could rule the people. More importantly we were not vexed by our leaders. We Indians generally rely on our conciliatory attitude and are forever listless. We do not get riled up so easily. This election proved that we have been indignant for the past few years. As per the election commission, India recorded highest voter turnout ever at 66.4%. Now the question that haunts me is that does India want a change or India needs a change?

There might be various factors for increased voter turnout. It can be the increased inflation rate, Congress’s slapdash food policies has caused pressure on the treasury resulting to inflation. The resentment can be because of the common man becoming too tired of multiple scams. It can also mean that modern India is more concerned about its growth rate which the UPA government has completely derailed from its track, giving us two long lean years. Congress has forgotten that India is on its way to demographic transition with 1.2 billion people are below 26 years of age. I am just a layman who reads the manifesto and economic reports to arrive at decisions. But I am also not comfortable either having a government who had the heart to kill people on communal judgment and an appetite to defend its action. Their devout promises to grow the nation has made me warm towards them but not convinced me enough. There is a new party which prompted us to have faith again. The AAP party has forayed its way into the Indian politics and has given India new hope only let us down time and again.

My maid who is below poverty line wants food to be affordable. My friend who is a trade analyst wants Modi government because he wants a stable economic condition. Some dream that India to be the next superpower and few stick to their socialist ideas of equal opportunities. As a 26-year-old girl who lives in more modern part of India, I have no clue what the poorer parts of the country envision. They might have simpler needs. To sum up, I see that India needs a leader who can answer few our questions for which we cannot find answers. India is an old country but the people residing now have a spirit of a teenager. A strong government and not a weak coalition just might be the answer to our needs. Nehru had given us a speech which is powerful motivator to everyone across globe even today. I hope the party that wins for once walks on the path which was predicted decades ago – At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.

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  1. I have never read such a beautifull article goes to you for keeping me glued to your article throughout. India and perticularly indian politics always facinated me. There cannot be anything more beautifull to read an article which i always wanted to share with the whole world..thank you so much

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