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Winds of Change

He smoked outside the station and as it rained I ran towards him. “Why did you call?” I asked breathlessly. “I thought I would give you the good news first”, said Aditya. “And the news is?” “I got it Farooq. I am going to US”. Now my friend and I have not grown up together.… Continue reading Winds of Change



After working twelve hours every day, I seldom got out of my house on the weekends. On some weekends I have even managed to work for fourteen hours. My entire life revolved around the internet, from buying groceries to watching movies. My husband and I had made a pact that we would never go to… Continue reading Quaint

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One Day

The monsoons has arrived in the city of Bengaluru and rains are always a fresh welcome for anyone working in a sterile office with little or no inspiration. I looked outside at 7pm and realized that the rains would not stop today. Whether it is Mumbai or Bengaluru, the only time the municipal corporation thinks… Continue reading One Day