After working twelve hours every day, I seldom got out of my house on the weekends. On some weekends I have even managed to work for fourteen hours. My entire life revolved around the internet, from buying groceries to watching movies.

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My husband and I had made a pact that we would never go to a mall to spend time because it was ‘uncool’ and way beneath us. Nevertheless in a city where the price of development has been paid, you do not have much options but to go to a mall. So we decided to go to the nearby mall to grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks. As I eased in my chair, I realized that the couple beside us had come on their first date. I noticed the fiddling hands of the girl and the guy’s restlessness. I smiled at my husband because I could see he knew that we were looking at two people about to fall in love.

The lights were aureate and the conversations around were unhurried, as if time had slowly been stretched to accommodate every discussions that happened in that coffee shop. Monday was light years away from us. The waiters were busy taking order. I wondered what would be like to stand on the other side and take order. The entire coffee shop would be like a continuous drama room for me. As I held my warm cappuccino, I heard the young girl say, “I miss my family in Lucknow. They will not understand my lifestyle here but sill…”

“Yeah I know what you mean. There is no concept of angan (porch) here. I wonder where the kids play cricket or do anything for that matter. I like my independence, but I also remember when you used to go up in the balcony and sleep under the sun during the onset of winters. I used to tell mum that I am going to study, but I used to just sit lazing doing nothing actually”

That’s the thing about love. You share the most vulnerable part of you and hope that your soul remains unbroken. You believe the person sitting in front of you is as bare as you are. I remembered our first date. We ate chilli beef at Café Mondegar and then walked aimlessly towards Nariman Point.

“I wonder if they have met through Tinder?”

My husband looked at them. “No they have not. He liked her. He liked her for a very long time.”

My mind reeled back four years ago. I had met my husband for the second time. He had worn a loose green t-shirt, jeans and flip flops on our second date. He told me sheepishly, “my clothes are dirty.”

I see the coffee of the girl getting over. They were impatient again. The guy looked at his beverage and it was almost in the verge of getting over. I could see the guy contemplating on how he could stop this girl from leaving. What should I say that would make her stay, may be five more minutes?

“Do you want watch a movie?” asked the girl. Suddenly every prayer was answered.  Tomorrow they might fight till their hearts were filled with nothing but hatred or they could be married, but today it didn’t matter.  Like many other couples, this boy and girl would watch a movie together.

“I still like you very much”, said my husband abruptly. We ordered one more cup of coffee along with pastries and sandwiches. We were going to be in the mall -for some more time.



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