Confession: We are not fine anymore

As I get inside the bus, I read the news on my mobile and I get a small shiver in my spine. I neglect it and I avoid the visceral sadness in my heart. I think that sooner or later things will settle down. I will condemn this behind closed doors with inconsequential people I trust, and confident that nothing can harm me. But, I know that we I am not fine anymore.

As I got to the office, I know business has to be as usual. I have liabilities, I have a family, and I have ambitions which is bigger than anything else in my world and existence. And yet a small part of me looks outside the window and think, what if I just take a chance. For once stand up for something, even if I can’t drive a change. My voice does hold a value. Doesn’t it?  But, I look back at the sale advertisement of Myntra, I click on it and go back to the heavenly luxuries which my money can buy because it is the easiest way out. I look at my Muslim friend from the corner of my eye who I know has been masking that eerie feeling and working diligently beside me. I know I have not given him the liberty to feel discomfort. I have not aided the freedom to condemn anything publicly. I continue to look stare at my mobile app and I know deep down inside that we are not fine anymore.

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