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What’s in the name?

One of things that I miss in India is calling cities by the names christened by the British. I love cities being called as Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.  It can be argued that a name does not change anything. Ahem! Name changes everything. Bombay to me died the day it became Mumbai. Bombay was much… Continue reading What’s in the name?

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Dear Kanheri Caves,

Dear Kanheri Caves, Mumbai has always been a paradox to me, and I guess anyone who has lived here will agree with me. There are of course very few places where one would find solace here. Kanheri caves would always hold a special place in special place in heart. While Mumbai is considered as the… Continue reading Dear Kanheri Caves,

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Dear Carter Road,

Carter Road There are many times I have been at the brinks of your shore. Most of the times, I would be having coffee or would be chilling out with my friends. It was two days ago when I sat on the chair with my best friend and we looked at the sea. While looking… Continue reading Dear Carter Road,

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Dear 8:27 Local,

I have been travelling in your lap for quite some time. I look at the city through your eyes. The debauched perspective of this city has rather changed over the past six months. They say 'Your eyes are windows to your soul'. Well, I think the windows are the eyes of Mumbai's soul. The daily… Continue reading Dear 8:27 Local,