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One Day

The monsoons has arrived in the city of Bengaluru and rains are always a fresh welcome for anyone working in a sterile office with little or no inspiration. I looked outside at 7pm and realized that the rains would not stop today. Whether it is Mumbai or Bengaluru, the only time the municipal corporation thinks… Continue reading One Day

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Dear Kolkata,

There are times when you go though few million phases and you pick that one thing which has remained constant. When we were young, travelling by plane was a luxury and the best means to travel to you was the almost 48 hours train ride. The best thing about the gruelling travel was that the… Continue reading Dear Kolkata,

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Dear Bryan Adams,

I was browsing though few of my old music files and I found your track - Everything I do, I do it for you. I started reading up on the internet - Syria issue, Rupee falling down, Rape incidents etc. There were few good news too about a woman inventor who made diesel with plastic.… Continue reading Dear Bryan Adams,