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The crazy Bunch I

I woke in the morning and saw my mother cleaning the house. I yawned and asked, “Who is coming now?”  I was feeling groggy, after a long time I was in the house where I grew up.

“Your Dadu from Dadar is coming,” answered my mother.  I got up brushed my teeth quickly. We are not really related by blood with grandfather (Dadu) of Dadar but nevertheless he was a grandfather who was an inspiration to me and my brother. Continue reading “The crazy Bunch I”

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Winds of Change

He smoked outside the station and as it rained I ran towards him.

“Why did you call?” I asked breathlessly.

“I thought I would give you the good news first”, said Aditya.

“And the news is?”

“I got it Farooq. I am going to US”.

Now my friend and I have not grown up together. We did not go to the same school. We met at my ex-girlfriends party. We both met at a music concert though common friends. We sat on the steps of our college later where we shared a joint together. We discussed about Malmsteen and Galvin Harrison. We spoke about Iron Man and Bicycle Thieves. From that day on we learnt to drink whiskey and graduated to being men.

“That’s great man! Are we going to Gokul?”


We took a taxi from the CST station. We crossed the beautiful gothic buildings, which welcomed everyone from all around the world. I always felt these ornate new and old structures showed the world we have not forgotten the past and we are no less in the present.

Mumbai Continue reading “Winds of Change”

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One Day


The monsoons has arrived in the city of Bengaluru and rains are always a fresh welcome for anyone working in a sterile office with little or no inspiration. I looked outside at 7pm and realized that the rains would not stop today. Whether it is Mumbai or Bengaluru, the only time the municipal corporation thinks of having a construction is during monsoon, because it is just so fitting to create roads and building so substandard with eventual dilapidation and shabbiness over months that it becomes a part of the city. Continue reading “One Day”

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Dear Hampi,

It has been eight months into marriage and Kartik and Naina were bit apprehensive on going on a trip to Hampi. Like many couples in India, theirs was an arranged marriage. They had dated other people before getting married to each other, but both of their love stories did not convert to what they had hoped for. The last few months were not very good for them.  They have been waiting for some time for the silence to drown. They yearned for a dialogue; they longed for a touch.


Vithala Temple Hampi
Vithala Temple Hampi

It was Naina’s idea to visit Hampi. History had always intrigued her. Kartik, however, was more docile when it came to conjugal challenges such as planning a trip. He was simply happy to get out of the house. They entered Hampi at noontime. They could see the ruins of the empty city much like the remnants left in their house now. The house which they had decorated with so much enthusiasm on their first month seemed more like a minefield today.

Both of them freshened up without a word. Naina saw her own reflection behind Kartik’s reflection. She wore a strappy Kurti with a sleeveless jacket on top.

They both got out and sat in a local dhaba for lunch. “What do you want?” asked Kartik.  Naina had an urge to answer – Whatever, but she resisted.  She looked at the array of choices she had and responded “Idli, I think.” Kartik ordered two plates of Idli. Naina looked at her husband. He looked a bit unhappy with his Idli. It then dawned to her that he does not like Idli. Three months before the wedding, they talked every day for two hours. Naina scowled and ordered a Puri and she could see her husband looking at her meekly. He said nothing.

“Why don’t you say anything?” asked Naina irritated.


“Nothing. Never mind.”

Once the Puri was served, Naina transferred them to his plate. He looked at her and muttered “Thanks.”

They decided to hire an auto rickshaw and visit the Vitthala temple.  They sat quietly in the Rickshaw.

“Look look!” Naina jumped. “What is that?”

They passed a huge structure which looked like a temple.

“I think it’s some ancient temple or community hall. We will check it out tomorrow”, answered Kartik.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“I asked our homestay owner, he said we can check out couple of temples on bicycles.  You want to go for riding tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” said Naina impressed.

They finally arrived at Vithalla Temple. The temple was named after lord Vishnu. They took the tickets from the counter and started walking. They booked a guide who was explaining the purpose of the temple. The huge magnificent temple was made of granite rocks.

“I haven’t seen anything like this!”  said Naina.


Kartik knew that his wife is well-travelled. She would have seen magnificent elaborate temples.  He also knew she had two loves before him. She had experienced things which he was still waiting to experience.

“No, I have not. This is the first one.”

The guide showed them the famous pillars though which one could play music. The granite musical pillars were destroyed, but there were few which was still intact. The notes of music could be played because of the design of the temple- the distance, length and breadth of the pillars was responsible for the reverberations.

“Sir and Madam, why don’t you put your ears in this pillar and I will play something for you”

Kartik and Naina pressed their ear on the pillar. The guide thumped the pillar like tabla. Naina could hear her husband breathing slowly which she felt matched with the notes the guide was playing.

The sun was about to set. The guide had finished explaining the temple.

“Can you imagine this whole temple was like musical instrument?” asked Naina.

They sky had tuned crimson. They both sat on a daïs and looked around.

“I will take you to Konark. You will like Konark temple in Odisha.”

“Yes. After we visit Europe. I know you have been there,” answered Kartik.

“Yeah but I have seen the place alone. I would like to see it with someone.”

Kartik smiled. She placed her head on his shoulder. The sun was setting behind the small hillock gently. They were silent again but  this time they were not waiting.