He woke to the sound of thunder. He looked around the two square foot room in confusion. “No, am definitely not in New Jersey,” thought Oliver.  “It does not matter where I am,” he said to himself. He slumped on his bed again and closed his eyes but he woke up again as the evening… Continue reading Sevgi

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The secret art of missing

‘Those were the best days of my life’ echoed Bryan Adams in front of fifteen thousand fans. I swayed to his tunes and suddenly I was back in the 90s, in my hometown. It was a time when I couldn’t fathom that anything could be cooler than the Sony Walkman.  I remembered how I used… Continue reading The secret art of missing



The coffee spilt on the book that Shantanu was reading. The book was drenched in brown and the clean white pages looked soiled. He reponed the first page of his book only to see that the dark blue ink encrusted on the pages and the words after ‘from’ barely visible.  He looked out and saw… Continue reading Coffee

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Timeless Love- Volume II

“Don’t go there Shaunak”, shouted Jhimli to her son. Shunak was going inside the new toy store- Hamley’s. Jhimli had already bought a couple of toys few days ago, not from Hamley’s, but nevertheless she bought him toys. Neil, her husband was browsing through few shirts from the nearby store. Jhimli took her son’s hand… Continue reading Timeless Love- Volume II