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Sweet my child, I live for thee

It was 4 am in the morning and Shweta got up with a start. She did not know what woke her up but she knew that she would not sleep so easily again. She took her phone to browse Facebook. She saw that one of her school friends with whom she had not spoken to for eight years was getting married. She immediately ‘liked’ her picture. She always wondered what if she texted her on chat once. What if she asked, ‘Hey just out of curiosity let’s meet.’ But she simply ‘liked’ the picture.

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My mother was always good with children. She told me that children are the most innocent beings in the world. Somehow, I never warmed up to kids. For the first time in my life, my friend gave birth to a baby girl. I wouldn’t say that I had an epiphany and my attitude changed but I slowly learnt to play with her.

One fine day my friend asked me to babysit Ishani for an entire day. I dreaded the fact that I have to spend time with a six-year-old for an entire day but at the same time I also felt guilty. My friend came with Ishani at 8 AM in the morning. She told me, “Don’t worry, she has her iPad and she can also watch TV.” Continue reading “Home”


My Funny Valentine

It was 8 pm in the evening and I was finishing off my work when I saw my phone vibrate. My husdownloadband texted me – Where are you.  Now, we generally do not celebrate Valentine’s Day but we also have made a point to have a decent dinner together at our home. Amidst all the late night client calls, reports to be sent and presentations, we made an effort to come back, sit together and eat a simple meal on the same table. Continue reading “My Funny Valentine”


The beginning

It was late in the night and I was just about to fall asleep when I saw Whats App message from my dear friend – Hi, I have broken up. I sat down and contemplated for a second and I had this weird intuition that this time it was for real. There was no phone call from her, no message from him, just a simple message left on my phone. I could not sleep. I knew that even if I called on her phone, she would not pick up. I took a blanket and sneaked up the stairs to the terrace with some hot tea. Continue reading “The beginning”