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Dear Facebook,

The story-teller, There are few perks in working in a digital agency. Apart from surfing on social networking sites, I learn that a server somewhere has identified me as a part of a community and I am shown a communication because I am part of that community. Brilliant isn't it! Millions of people are shown controlled… Continue reading Dear Facebook,

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Thailand Letters: The window in front

There are only few times in life when you have an opportunity to see sand, sea and sun at the same time. When you do see these three elements all together in crimson light, you are somehow not left in awe. You go ‘wow’ or ‘great’ but you are not left breathless. It is only… Continue reading Thailand Letters: The window in front

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Dear Snow,

There are three times when I have actually experienced snow fall and every time the experience has been euphoric. I can’t smell you or hold you tight but every time you fall it brings so much joy and warmth in my heart. It is winter time and we are soon moving forward in time for another… Continue reading Dear Snow,

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Dear Bryan Adams,

I was browsing though few of my old music files and I found your track - Everything I do, I do it for you. I started reading up on the internet - Syria issue, Rupee falling down, Rape incidents etc. There were few good news too about a woman inventor who made diesel with plastic.… Continue reading Dear Bryan Adams,