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Dear Facebook,

The story-teller, There are few perks in working in a digital agency. Apart from surfing on social networking sites, I learn that a server somewhere has identified me as a part of a community and I am shown a communication because I am part of that community. Brilliant isn't it! Millions of people are shown controlled… Continue reading Dear Facebook,

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What’s in the name?

One of things that I miss in India is calling cities by the names christened by the British. I love cities being called as Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.  It can be argued that a name does not change anything. Ahem! Name changes everything. Bombay to me died the day it became Mumbai. Bombay was much… Continue reading What’s in the name?

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Dear Kanheri Caves,

Dear Kanheri Caves, Mumbai has always been a paradox to me, and I guess anyone who has lived here will agree with me. There are of course very few places where one would find solace here. Kanheri caves would always hold a special place in special place in heart. While Mumbai is considered as the… Continue reading Dear Kanheri Caves,

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Dear Bikes,

There are times when we feel insane. Feel the verb and adjectives pasted on us and translate them to who we are. What makes our intransigence direct us to the right decision? I first rode you when I was little girl.  My father had got his friends bike and took me for a ride. It… Continue reading Dear Bikes,