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Dear Hampi,

It has been eight months into marriage and Kartik and Naina were bit apprehensive on going on a trip to Hampi. Like many couples in India, theirs was an arranged marriage. They had dated other people before getting married to each other, but both of their love stories did not convert to what they had… Continue reading Dear Hampi,

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Thailand Letters: The window in front

There are only few times in life when you have an opportunity to see sand, sea and sun at the same time. When you do see these three elements all together in crimson light, you are somehow not left in awe. You go ‘wow’ or ‘great’ but you are not left breathless. It is only… Continue reading Thailand Letters: The window in front

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Dear Starbucks,

I visited your den for the first time when I was in Dubai. Coming from a third world country, I wondered why you were so famous. We were inside a mall and that time we had no idea that malls could be so sophisticated and larger than life. Every material aspect which we had craved… Continue reading Dear Starbucks,

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Dear Seine River, (Part I)

It was one sunny evening when Tinni decided to do nothing in Paris. She had no one there. She had no friends. She went to Paris only because it was her dream to be there one day. Yet, she still had no idea why she wanted to go there. When Tinni saw you, she was not too fascinated by… Continue reading Dear Seine River, (Part I)